Performance Artists Bios

The Salty Circus

The Salty Circus (SC) provides unforgettable antics & magical presentations that hypnotize and mesmerize with use of LED and fire mediums.

The amazing Arcana, dazzling Dagger, and savory Spinja are flow artist performers who inspire a unique and memorable experience through prop manips such as hoops, poi, and fans, to awaken senses and imaginations! We bring zee flavor to celebrations of all kinds and promote limitless benefits of flow arts to endorse physical, mental well-being and our lust for life!!
We offer not soon forgotten experiences that span across Saskatchewan & Western Canada; from festivals and fundraisers to street shows and music videos. The SC keeps it salty with impressive plate spinning, and tantalizing magic from whips to wings, and so much more.

Phoenix (Tasha Corbett)

Introducing Phoenix, she is a multi-talented performance artist who has been hitting the stage since 2018 and has performed at many festivals in Canada! Phoenix was drawn into the festival and rave communities 10 years ago. She fell in love with the freedom of expression at these events, and learning the principles of peace, love, unity and respect. Her first hula hoop was won in an online contest on facebook, which started a domino effect in her life of pursuing Hula hoop dance and flow arts with a fiery passion.

She now performs with La Gogue and her styles of dance include Hula Hoop dance, Silk fans, LED whip, Fire fans, fire hoop, and freestyle dancing. To Phoenix movement is medicine, and she freely expresses healing frequencies through her dance. Phoenix is also a small business owner for wellness based services in Edmonton. Get in touch with her for Reiki energy healing sessions, and grab yourself a new hoop while you’re at it. 

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Taylor Levsen

Taylor Levsen has had a fascination with circus arts since the first time she picked up a prop. A lover of flow arts, partner acrobatics, and most recently, aerial arts, Taylor puts everything she has into fueling her passion for movement and creativity. With performances throughout BC and Alberta, such as Shambhala and Astral Harvest, under her belt, she is thrilled to join the Inter.Sect team for aerial hoop performances throughout the weekend.

Techtanium (Tyler Deslauriers)

Techtanium has been performing poi for over 6 years. Located in Red Deer, AB. He continues to wow audiences across Canada with his unforgettable style and the beautiful shapes and flashy patterns he creates. Before diving head first into poi, Tech learned different styles of dance since the age of 8 which has helped him create great rhythm and musicality in his flow. He has performed at many music festivals across Canada and has been a part of the festival scene for going on 10 years.

And Even More

Emily Moon (Pictured)
Karen Berry
Sean Lacroix
Anika Rain

The FlowBot

With over a decade of entertainment mastery, The FlowBot will be making his first appearance this year at Inter.Sect AMF.

Having graced the stages of many many shows and festivals (including Astral Harvest and Shambhala) The FlowBot will be bringing his extraordinary skills and unique talents to this magical weekend.

Expect amazing dance moves with martial arts precision, comedic audience interaction, dazzling flow skills.. and prepare to be mind blown when you see this intergalactic Robot Hero come alive.
A true showman, watch out for..
The FlowBot

Rebecca Splits

My name is Rebecca Splits and I’m an Aerialist. I started out at a young age training Rhythmic Gymnastics and found aerials in 2018. Finding Lyra was finding my passion. I knew one day I could do this for a living, acrobatic performance has always been a part of me. After over 15 years of practice and dedication, I achieved that goal in 2020 as an independent performer and coach. Now present day, you can catch me in Edmonton teaching, performing and always looking to meet new, eccentric circus freaks! Xo